Appreciation of Teachers Who Have Served More Than 25 Years in the Field of Education

The Armenian Evangelical Educational Council planned a special program dedicated to twenty teachers of seven Armenian Evangelical schools, who have been teaching for twenty-five years on condition that they have served in Armenian Evangelical Schools for fifteen years.

The program took place on Sunday, March 14, 2010 in Armenian Evangelical College’s hall at 6:00 p.m. The program began with the opening word by Dr. Arda Ekmekji, followed by a Bible passage read by Mrs. Takouhi Sarkissian. Then Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, president of Haigazian University, lectured, “Teachers are considered as spiritual and secular messengers and they are rewarded because they are not considered as ordinary messengers. Throughout the years, they are teaching constantly, and are planting seeds in the heart of the students, and they have positive attitude that the students regard highly”. Afterwards, Rev. Megerditch Karageuzian, the president of Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, thanked and appreciated the teachers for their long-standing service. He also wished them to keep up with the 21st century teaching professionalism and with the new technology. The program was enriched when Miss Shaghig Hovsepian (graduate from CHS) recited a poem “Tasdiarag” by Taniel Varoujan. Then the students of Arm. Evang. Guertmenian school filled the hall with their beautiful voices and sang two songs dedicated to the teachers. The choir was conducted by Mrs. Jaqueline Baghbourarian accompanied by Miss Arousiag Pashigian (piano). The representatives of the rewarded teachers, Miss Kohar Andonian (in Armenian) and Mrs. Siham Saab-Sarkissian (in Arabic) thanked the Educational Council for valuing and appreciating highly their twenty-five years of teaching career. The program ended by the benediction’s prayer by Rev. Megerditch Karageozian.

The appreciated teachers are the following: Rosette AlHaddad, Kohar Andonian, Marlene Ashjian, Serena Kevorkian,Manoushag Kizirian, Seta Kouyoumjian, Annie Khoshafian Younissess, Marijean Der-Adourian, Arousiag Bedros Geukjian, Arpy Hamparian, Vazken Moughalian (Mikhaelian), Jeanette Tchilingirian, Rima Cholakian, Jacqueline Baghboudarian, Madlene (Anahid) Bedigian, Siham Saab Sarkissian, Maral Der Khatchadourian, Rozine Kelougian, Maro Kitabjian and Shamig Kara-Keshishian.