Our Partners/Sponsors in Ministry

Haigazian University
Haigazian University is a liberal arts institution of higher learning which operates on the United States model of higher education using English as the language of instruction. Its purpose is to provide quality education in a Christian environment where academic freedom and the search and dissemination of truth are predominant. It seeks to empower students both for leadership positions and as professionals to serve in the Armenian and non-Armenian Lebanese communities as well as in the Middle East.

P. & E. Torosian School
Torosian is a neighborhood school. Most of the students live a walking distance from school. The school implements the Lebanese Government Curriculum in Kindergarten, Elementary and Intermediate levels. The school's mission is to educate the Armenian new generation with Christian, Armenian, sound and decent education. Mrs. Seta Karageozian is the principal of the school.

Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union
The Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union of Syria and Lebanon (Armenian: Լիբանանի և Սուրիոյ Հայ Աւետարանական Եկեղեցիներու Քրիստոնէական Ջանից Միութիւն) is the youth organization that is affiliated with the World Christian Endeavor Union and the Christian Endeavor International. The Armenian Evangelical CE Union mostly coordinates with the youth ministries of local churches and at the same time it runs two summer camp sites (Monte Verdi-Lebanon and Kessab-Syria) where various groups (Children, Teenage, Youth and Young couples) organize their summer camps and conferences.

Howard Karageuzian Foundation
The Howard Karageuzian (HK) Commamorative Corporation was founded in New York in 1921 by Mr. and Mrs. Mihran and Zabel Karageuzians in memory of their son Howard who died of malaria while only 14.

Chanaser, the bimonthly magazine, is published by the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East.

Owner: Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East
Publisher: U.A.E.C.N.E. Publications Committee

Bible Bookshop
The Christian store for gifts, Bibles, and Christian books. Whoever likes to gift a nice present can find suitable gifts for suitable prices with quality products. The store is located next to the Armenian Brotherhood Church, in Armenia Street.

Soulahian Super Store
The store where you will find your needs met; whether you need kitchen equipments, or gifts that you need to buy, or toys, ornaments for your salon, or electrical equipments... The store is located near Shamlian Tatigian High School, in Bourj Hammoud, Sin el Fil Roadway.

Peter's Brass
Established in 1951 as a family business: Peter's Brass is one of the major firms in the awards, gifts and sign industry in Lebanon today.
Character and expression is the result of much given attention to the fine artistic and technical details.
Combined with modern technology and traditional hand finish, they cast the events of today into living history.

Kardashian Printing Services
Kardashian Printing Services, the one-stop place for all your paper/paperless publication needs. Kardashian Printing Services is a commercial printing company based in the Industrial City in Bouchrieh, Lebanon.

High Bar
High Bar Dance group provides the ultimate new ideas for all kinds of cultural dances, varying from Armenian to Lebanese, Gulf, Greek, Modern, Latin, Spanish, Gipsy, and much more!
The aim of the group is to highlight the different cultural dances during wedding ceremonies, with affordable prices that best serve the couple.