The Armenian Evangelical ARMISS Choir Getting Prepared for Its Concert on March 28

The Armenian Evangelical ArMiss-agans have been meeting since November 2009, every Sunday, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church for rehearsal. During the month of February, the members have also been meeting on Thursdays (men) and on Sundays at 3:30pm (women), in order to practice further and be well prepared. This year ArMiss will present Armenian pieces, one of which is Armenian operatic.
God willing, the ArMiss choir will hold its concert on March 28, in the Armenian Evangelical First Church.

(1st row, L to R): Ms. Arpi Bedrossian, Ms. Zarmig Bedrossian, Ms. Rosine Sailian, Ms. Shushan Artinian, Mrs. Arlette Der Garabedian, Ms. Rima Cholakian

(1st row, R to L): Mrs. Maral Haidostian, Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian, Ms. Pauline Sagherian

(1st row, R to L): Mr. Shahan Kilaghbian, Mr. Manoug Chilingirian, Mr. Raffi Akbasharian, Mr. Ara Khederian
(2nd row, R to L): Rev. Hovhannes Svajian, Mr. Hagop Kelougian, Mr. Luder Artinian

The conductor, Mr. Garo Avessian, and the pianist, Ms. Sandra Cholakian

* Photos courtesy of Mr. Raffi Chilingirian
* Some members were not present in these pictures
* The name ArMiss is after Rev. Armenag Missirian, You can read about him more by clicking on the following link:  Վեր. Արմենակ Միսիրեան (Արմիս) - Rev. Armenag Missirian (Armiss)