AMAA interns to experience camp life in Lebanon

Paramus, N.J. - The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) is pleased to announce plans for its Third Annual Summer Internship Program. This year, the program will find itself at Camp KCHAG in Lebanon.

The name "KCHAG" is an acronym which in Armenian stands for Krisdonyagan CHanitz Amarnayin Getron (Christian Endeavor Summer Center). This name represents a camp encounter that made its mark on the lives of many Armenians in Lebanon. KCHAG was the popular Christian camp where hundreds of Armenian children, youth and adult campers had inspiring experiences. The camp, located on the beautiful Monte Verde (Green Mountain) overlooking Beirut, is a 5 acre beautiful area covered by green cedar trees. It was purchased by Armenian Evangelicals in 1949 and was steadily developed to host hundreds of campers and also families that took refuge from the hot, humid summer of Beirut and enjoyed God's presence. For three months in summer, the camp would host various groups.

Then came the Lebanese Civil War and, unfortunately, this beautiful camp also became a casualty of war. Seven different militia groups occupied the camp for over two decades (1978-2002) and used it as a military base. Years of occupation however did not deter the faithful to pray and make every effort to have the camp returned to its rightful owners. That great day came, but there was much sorrow. The camp property and building, including the chapel, dining hall and the cabins were heavily damaged and some totally destroyed.

The Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE) and the Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union of Lebanon and Syria immediately went into action and prepared plans for the total restoration of the camp. This will cost a fortune that they will not be able to afford. They pray that God will lead generous donors to support this vital project and bring life back to this camp.

The AMAA, who has supported this camp for many years, would like to see the camp rebuilt. It is one of the camp projects being solicited as part of the Capital Campaign.

A scene from camp KCHAG

To lend its support, AMAA's internship program this summer (July 11-28) will concentrate on renovating one building and thus begin the arduous process of preparing the camp for complete renovation. This unforgettable experience will be structured to immerse each intern in the culture and in time with the Lord, offering many opportunities for learning and self-reflection. A personal connection between the interns and the local people will be established, living and working side-by-side with them, creating a feeling of solidarity among those who continually strive for a better life.

Young women and men of age 18 and above are encouraged to participate in this program, travel to Lebanon to learn, labor and have an experience of a lifetime.

To participate or to support this project financially, please contact the AMAA office at (201) 265-2607. Applications are available on the AMAA website -

Source: The Armenian Reporter