Hamahavak for the Junior Youth Groups in Emmanuel Church

Organized by the leaders of the Badaniatz Hamakoumar 2009, and with the support of the Kordsatir Marmin, the Hamahavak was held in Emmanuel Church. Five junior youth groups participated in this event:
- The Armenian Evangelical First Church
- The Armenian Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh
- The Armenian Evangelical Church of Marash
- The Armenian Evangelical Social Center, Trad
- The Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church

The event started with a welcome call by Mr. Manoug Ibitian, and inviting everyone to worship, that was led by Mr. Jirayr Ghazarian, after which Mr. Vera Svajian gave the message to the youth. Afterward, all were invited to a snack and fellowship time.

Mr. Manoug Ibitian who was the Senior Leader in the Badaniatz Hamakoumar 2009.

Mr. Jirayr Ghazarian, a NEST student, leading worship.

The band: Mr. Jirayr Ghazarian, Mr. Aren Deyrmenjian, Mr. Shahan Kilaghbian, Mr. Raffi Gumushian, Mr. Koko Avessian.

Yeretsgin, Mrs. Vera Svajian, speaking to the youth about how to live their lives Christ-like, in the midst of many different values and lifestyles provided and marketed strongly and freely to the youth.