The Derian Armenological Library Friends Present: The Armenian Book - 2009 Publications

Beirut, January 22, 2010- On the occasion of UNESCO’s declaration, “Beirut World Book Capital for 2009”, the friends of Haigazian University’s Derian Armenological Library organized a celebratory evening entitled “The Armenian Book - 2009 Publications”.
The event, which took place on Friday, January 22, 2010, in the University Auditorium, opened with the welcoming word of the University Librarian, Ms. Sonia Sislian, who acknowledged that, many prominent Lebanese Armenian intellectuals, as well as recent young Armenian authors, brought their part in the 2009 publications.
Keynote speaker, Director of the Khatcher Kaloustian Educational Center, Mr. Garo Hovannessian, pointed out clearly that Armenia or the Armenian spirit exists, wherever there are Armenians, Armenian writers and poets, and Armenian books. “In this respect, the Derian Library is considered an Armenia in itself”, Hovannessian said.
He noted that in today’s difficult circumstances, publishing Armenian books is considered as a heroic act, which requires an equivalent attention and appreciation. “The Armenian culture should have a global vision that embodies other cultures’ positive values without succumbing to it”, Hovannessian added.
He concluded his speech by wishing this celebratory event to turn into an annual tradition especially that the Armenian culture and heritage are on the edge of celebrating the 500 years of the printed Armenian book.
After a short musical interlude, a piano piece, “Spring” of Gomidas, skillfully performed by student Palig Ladoyan, and a poem “The Armenian Book” of Jack S. Hagopian, gracefully recited by student Shoghig Hovsepian, University President, Rev. Dr. Haidostian expressed his words of thanks and gratitude to all the authors, appreciating their unwavering efforts to publish Armenian books.
The event concluded with the presentation of special recognition certificates to the authors and the representatives of editorial committees. The recipients were, Kevork Apelian, Barouyr Aghbashian, Father Hovsep Topalian, Sona Khedechian-Dzarouguian, Levon Djermaguian, Mesrob Hayouni, Aline Hagopian, Shahantoukhd, Zani Shahinian-Mesrobian, Father Krikor Chifchian, Aram Sepedjian, Bebo Simonian, Boghos Snabian, Loussig Somounjian- Afarian, Anahid Doniguian, Yervant Pamboukian, Yervant Kassouny, Salpi Kurkjian-Tashjian, Father Varant Kortmossian, Aghavni Festekjian, Antranig Dakessian from the Haigazian Armenological Review team , and Garo Hovannessian from the HASG Armenological Yearbook team.
The ceremony ended with cutting a celebratory cake.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director