Church Sound Seminar Organized by the Strongholds Band

A very well organized seminar was held in Sept 19 in ABTS (Arab Baptist Theological School), by the Strongholds Band.

This seminar was a need for many of the churches and the Strongholds met our needs best. They were very well prepared and gave valuable information for 5 hours. Lucien, who is a professional in sound engineering shared his knowledge with us and he provided techniques and procedures for proper use and handling of the equipments and the cables. He talked about sound waves, different kinds of microphones and their use, cables, mixer, adjusting your voice, room...

There were around 60 youth and young-adults who were participating from Arab Baptist churches and various evangelical churches.

From the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church, Raffi Chilingirian and Mano Chilingirian participated.
From the Armenian Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh, Shahan Kilaghbian and Hagop Harfoushian participated. And Jirayr Ghazarian, a student of the Union.

We thank the Strongholds for meeting our needs, and presenting the seminar in the best way, and providing it for free, without asking anything in return.
We also thank the UAECNE for informing us about this most beneficial, unique and practical seminar.

ABTS premises

A fellow participant, Raffi, Lucien

(L to R): Hagop Harfoushian, Shahan Kilaghbian, Jiro Ghazarian, Raffi Chilingirian, Manoug Chilingirian