Emmanuel Church's Khnamagal and Hokapartzou Members Meeting with Rev. Nerses and Sevan Balabanian

The past and present members of the Khnamagal and Hokapartzou committees met with Rev. Nerses and Sevan Balabanian, at the Sulahians, who opened their house and hosted everyone. The gathering was special, remembering the old times, past events, and it was time for sharing and fellowship.
The Balabanians have served in the Armenian Evangelical Anjar Church, then in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church, and now serve in the Armenian Evangelical Calvary Church in San Francisco, USA.

(L to R): Mr. Samuel Svajian, Mrs. Ani Chalekian, Mrs. Araxi Mazmanian, Mrs. Sevan Balabanian, Mr. Levon Bedigian, Rev. Hovhanness Svajian, Rev. Nerses Balabanian

We kept our promise Rev. Nerses :)

The Sulahians in the middle with Mr. Aram Churukian and Ms. Ani Baboghlanian on the right.