Grade 9 and 6 Graduation Ceremony

June 20, 2009 harvest day for grades 9 and 6 Torosian students. They worked all year to reach this day and harvest their “crops” the results of their work.
The guest speaker of the day was Mrs. Maral Deyirmenjian, Principal of Armenian Evangelical Central High School, she addressed the graduates in her speech and encouraged them never to give up in the face of failures, on the contrary, to put every effort to reach their desired goal.
The school choir enchanted the audience with 2 songs from Gomidas and Dikran Mansourian, the conductor was Mrs. Nectar Palazian accompanied by Miss Maria Palazian on piano. This was followed by a presentation of major activities held in 2008 – 2009.
The graduates recited a poem in the memory of Hovhanness Toumanian, Levon Shant and Gomidas directed by Mr. Robert Arakelian.
Grade 9 students Christine Simidian and Lucy Mazmanian Addressed their fellow students with their Armenian and Arabic speeches, Garin Atamian, grade 9, (flute) accompanied by Gassia Hajekian, grade 6, (piano) presented two pieces of music.
Finally, Mrs. Seta Karageozian and Rev. Hovhanness Sevadjian gave out the diplomas to the graduates and with Mr. Vahram Karageozian, a member of the board manager of the school, awards were given to the worthy.
The ceremony ended with the prayer and the blessing of Rev. Hovhanness Sevadjian after which the graduates and their parents were invited to a reception in the school’s playground.
God’s endless love and care and the prayers of the beloved’s wrapped up our academic year blissfully and safely.