Beirut - International Capital for Books‏

When was the last time you gave a life enreaching book to a member of your youth?
When was the last time you discussed viewpoints by reading a book together with the younger generation?

Just weeks ago Beirut was announced as the International Capital for Books encouraging our young and upbeat generation to read books in order to broaden their minds and inrease their knowledge spectrum.

Even though statistics says that, on a global scale, the hobby of reading books has been declining for a decade or more, I believe that no society moves forward without its younger generation being keen on discussing new ideas and controversial issues. In order to do this, I consider the book as the fire power and the catalyst in preparing our future intellects.

The greatest mistake that a leader can make today, is to analyze those statistics and come to the conclusion that the younger generation doesn't care about books and hence is not interested in discussing ideas and different point of views. I can assure everyone that our younger generation is keen on having discussions among each other and with their leaders about their every-day issues and the different world philosophies that attract them.

Being a leader myself, I firmly encourage our dear leaders who already have book-reading groups to continue this vital ministry.

As for those who have never thought of such a ministry, I urge them to search within their groups and find young people who would love to be part of such groups and debate today's issues with tomorrow's leaders.