6 New Young Groups in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church and a Vision

Despite the lifestyle changes and difficulty in finding time for quality time, in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church 6 new groups have been created, some of which have been active since 2006.

The groups are the following:
- Young Couples – the group meets every month for sharing time, fellowship, activities and lectures related to their interests and needs.

- Chanitz.org – the youth newsletter and blog team has been active and the newsletter has crossed countries and oceans, reaching to thousands of readers worldwide.

- 2 Young Discipleship groups – the groups meet every month, under the leadership of Ms. Shake Geocherian, and they discuss chapters from a book that they are all reading. This serves as another source of spiritual nourishment and healthy discussion of topics that are relevant to their lives and needs.

- Chanitz Star – the youngest group, which is going to serve the needs of those junior high youth who are old for badaniatz junior high and very young for the chanitz youth group. The purpose of this group is to bring those youth who are of age 15, 16 and 17 together, and hold monthly meetings for activities and discussion based on their needs.

- EQUIP Leadership (Maxwell) – the group meets twice a year to attend the seminary that is organized in Lebanon for all the Christian leaders in the Middle East. Moreover, locally, some of the participating leaders hold leadership sessions every 2 months in the Armenian Evangelical Church and teach the chapters and pass them the lessons that they have learnt. The purpose of these meetings is to have discussion around topics related to leadership roles in Sunday Schools, Junior Youth Groups, and Youth Groups, and find and share answers to difficulties present among the different groups and to grow together.

And finally, God has put a vision on the hearts of some believers to meet outside of their local church and eventually start a ministry, and God willing, reach to people outside of their field of ministry.
Please pray for His vision, for His leadership and guidance.