Chanitzagans Serving and Reaching Out in Their Community

Sunday, 15 February, was a special day for the Chanitzagans. After the church service, the chanitzagans from Marash church, Emmanuel church and Ashrafieh church gathered in the Armenian Evangelical Marash Church to get ready for their community service organized by the Executive Committee of the CE Union.

The program started with a worship, led by Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian after which Mrs. Rita Lao-Manjelikian shared a brief message based on the book "Becoming Human" by Jean Vanier. She shared how those who feel "unwanted" in the community should be reached out to with a "human" hand.

Then the participants, around 25 were distributed among three centers:
1) Deir El Kamar Hospital of Abouna Yacoub Soeurs
2) Fanar Juvenile Detention Center
3) Jounieh Jeunesses Countre La Drogue (JCD)

The objective of this service day was coming face to face with the "different" - mentally (Deir El Kamar), socially (the juveniles, addicts), and the ones "left aside".