Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Passive-Aggressive Leader

Jonah was a reluctant disobedient leader who did what he did with the wrong attitude.

• Stubborn
• Forgetful
• Intentionally inefficient
• Tend to complain
• Resist demands, procrastinate
• Dawdle as a means of controlling their environment and those around them
• On occasion they will exert control through the use of short outbursts of sadness or anger
• They are angry and bitter as well as fearful of success since it will lead to higher expectations

Mark the following:
5 = strongly agree
4 = agree
3 = uncertain
2 = disagree
1 = strongly disagree

• I find myself resisting standards and procedures for formal review of my performance.
• It is common for me to procrastinate on major projects.
• I regularly resist other’s ideas that could translate into increased performance or responsibilities for myself.
• I find myself consistently under-performing.
• I experience periodic but regular outbursts of anger and frustration that are just within the bounds of what is considered acceptable behavior.
• Occasionally I intentionally forget suggested projects.
• Sometimes I give others the silent treatment as an expression of my anger.
• I find myself telling others that nothing is bothering me when in reality I am seething.
• I tend to be generally pessimistic and feel negative about my future.
• Others have expressed to me that I make them feel uncomfortable.
• Strategic planning and goal-setting are difficult for me.
• Sometimes I catch myself trying to manipulate others in group settings by venting my anger and emotions when facing an initiative or idea I do not support.