Grant from the Lincy Foundation

Haigazian University Receives a USD100,000/- Grant from the Lincy Foundation

Beirut, 28/01/2009- Within the framework of the continuous and generous support of the Lincy Foundation to Haigazian University, a USD100,000 grant was received as a financial contribution from the foundation to the University.

With a feeling of gratitude, President Haidostian acknowledged the benevolent mission of the Foundation in joining Haigazian University's drive for excellence in education and service, especially during this time of global economic hardship, noting that this grant will serve to finance the general academic operations of the University.

Haidostian also expressed the increasing financial needs of students Haigazian serves as well as the growing needs of the University in its expansion plans, noting that the bulk of financial aid granted to students last year reached the amount of USD1,000,000/.

Being the only Armenian-owned university in the Armenian Diaspora that follows the American model of higher education, Haigazian University, through its undergraduate and graduate programs, serves 750 to 800 students per year, with around 2400 alumni spread all over the globe.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director