Social Action Committee Holds a Conference

On Saturday, 6 December, the Armenian Evangelical Social Action Committee organized a conference meeting in Haigazian University.
Rev. Sebouh Terzian welcomed the presence of everyone and stated the importance of the conference.
Mrs. Rita Lao-Manjelikian and Mr. Manoug Ibitian each presented, with collected data, the different issues that they have encountered in the Armenian Community.
Ms. Annie Boudjikanian led the brainstorming session and discussions.
Discussions were also held in 3 separate groups: Educational, Church and Youth, Senior Citizens.
Rev. Sebouh Terzian concluded the meeting, and stated the Committee would take the recommendations and proposals seriously and come up with a working plan within the coming months.

Left pic: Mrs. Rita Lao-Manjelikian (social worker of the Armenian Evangelical Social Center)
Right pic: Mr. Manoug Ibitian (counselor of the Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian Intermediate School)

Left pic: Ms. Annie Boudjikanian (social worker of the Ehlan Social Center)
Right pic: on the right showing Rev. Sebouh Terzian (CEO of the UAECNE), standing is Mr. Raffi Chilingirian (Armenian Evangelical CE Executive Committee)

Left pic: from left, Ms. Annie Boudjikanian, Rev. MousaOghli (Syria), Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian (Ashrafieh Church), Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian (pastor of Ashrafieh Church), Ms. Kohar Balekjian (secretary at UAECNE), Mrs. Takouhi Sarkissian (Armenian Evangelical Education Council).
Right pic: Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian (President of Haigazian University), Rev. President Mgrdich Karagoezian (President of UAECNE)

Left pic: Mrs. Helen Sagherian (Ashrafieh Church), Mrs. Sossy Balian (Armenian Evangelical Education Council) and Dr. Arda Ekmekji (Armenian Evangelical Education Council)
Right pic: standing Mr. Nerses Baghdoyan (First Church), sitting, Rev. Raffi Missirlian (Anjar Church), Rev. Vache Ekmekjian (Syria), Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian (Armenian Evangelical CE Executive Committee), Rev. Hrayr Cholakian (Principal of Shamlian-Tatigian School)

Left pic: Mrs. Seta Karagoezian (Principal of the Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian Intermediate School))
Right pic: Mrs. Sagherian standing and Mrs. Balian sitting

Left pic: Missionary Spangenberg (German missionary in Anjar)
Right pic: Rev. MousaOghli

Left pic: Rev. Raffi Missirlian
Right pic: Mr. Garoudj Aroyan (Emmanuel Church), Ms. Houry Barsoumian (Armenian Evangelical CE Excutive Committee)

Rev. and Mrs. Soghomon and Yester Kilaghbian