A Proactive Leader, or a Reactive one?

I think that the youth leader has to be a Proactive leader, not a reactive one.

Proactive means taking the initiative and the responsibility together, especially in the Kingdom of GOD and in the
Azkayin life. If you have a God given zeal and enthusiasm to accomplish a mission, a purpose or a value, then you will do. Of course, it is very important the encouragement and appreciation and the guidance of the "grown-up" leaders. The ideal thing for me is that BOTH is needed for a good, sound and effective ministry or mission. Where the youth have been given that freedom to be proactive and to "Begin with end in mind" and the grown up leaders be encouraging in paving the way for the purpose of "edification of the church" and for the purpose of Azkayin work.

Furthermore, What worked Yesterday won't work today.
- Yesterday hierarchy was the model. Today synergy is the mandate
- Yesterday leaders commended and controlled. Today leaders empower and coach.
- Yesterday managers directed. Today managers delegate.

- Yesterday supervisors flourished. Today supervisors vanish.

- Yesterday employees took orders. Today teams make decisions.

- Yesterday seniority signified status. Today creativity drives process.

- Yesterday value was extra. Today value is everything.

Serop Ohanian,
Emmanuel Chanitz and CE Executive Committee member