The Hidden Merits of Community Service

With today’s hectic living and loads of entertainment hubs, it is becoming difficult to provide a fraction of our time for the betterment of our local community.

I’ve been hearing this point of view from many leaders and colleagues for over a decade now, which has prompted me to ask myself the following questions: Why do I need to volunteer for a community project? What could possibly be the merits of such services in my life?
During the two days of July 2008, I had the opportunity to work with fellow chanitzagans in building a room located to the left of the perimeter of Kchag church. The idea was to replace the rain-soaked pepsi canteen with a small room to be the new cafeteria.

This was truly an incredible experience for all, since most of us have never built a room before from the ground up. Forming the first team, Ara Torkomian and I got to rub off the church gate with avazatookht to be painted later on. The next team, headed by Asbed Kendirjian and Vahe Aynilian got to break and dig the ground to prepare the base of the room. The third team – Koko Aynilian, Shant Aynilian and Jay Sagherian – got to prepare the beton by mixing grey powder and soil with water to get those walls built during late afternoon.

The following week, with the walls, windows and door in place, it was time to paint each other… I mean to paint the interior of the room to give it an elegant look. And to accomplish this phase, Hovig Assilian and Lisa (visiting from the States) joined the team to have it finished in no time!

Now that we were done with the interior embellishment of the room, the last phase of the project was to get electricity inside. Who else was the man for the job than Sam Kelougian? He designed and implemented the whole electrical circuits of the room while we helped and watched with amazement as he finally got light in the new-born room at exactly 6 P.M.

Being part of the corporate world, I neither had much knowledge about the construction world nor had any idea of the astonishing world of electricity. Within those few days, I learnt a lot of new and marvelous stuff that would definitely be useful in my life.

I greatly enjoyed working together with fellow chanitzagans and veterans of the church, where hands, minds and hearts came together to make a positive impact in this world. All in all, we had such an exciting, exhausting and fun time together those few days.

I consider this small room as our new baby because we built that room with our bare hands and it means much to me as to the rest of the team to see this room be used for a good cause.

Believe me! Next time you get a chance to be part of a community service, grab on to it and be part of an inspiring and soul-enriching journey ever!