Anjar Badaniatz Giving Emmanuel Badaniatz a Visit

On Saturday, 15 November, the Badaniatz (junior high) group of Armenian Evangelical Church of Anjar gave the Badaniatz of Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church a visit.

The junior youth got to know each other, after which Raffi led the worship time. The junior youth then had social time together, with most of the guys playing soccer with Mike and Jano, while the girls and the rest played indoor games with Jimmy. At the end of the session, Manoug, Hagop and Maria served the youth with cakes and drinks, after which, the Anjar team thanked Emmanuel Badaniatz leaders for their hospitality and continued their tour in Beirut.

(Right image): Raffi leading the worship session

During worship

Socializing and games

(Right image): Hagop and Manoug
(Left image): Pastor Elias Jabbour, the leader of Anjar Badaniatz group

During the football friendly match

(Right image): Jimmy explaining the game called "I have never..."