Rev. Calvin Sagherian in Lebanon, in Kchag

The spiritual life of the youth is much better than I really expected.

This was the very impression that the Reverend Calvin Sagherian had during his short stop in Lebanon along his journey visiting the seven churches of the Book of Revelations.

Pastor Calvin - who was the Campus Minister at Haigazian University for many years - has discipled many of today's youth leaders. The Emmanuel Church Youth had the privilege to have a dinner night with him and recalled the most cherished memories of the university days, on and off campus.

On Saturday evening, October 11 2008, the Giragnoria, Badaniatz and Chanitz leaders from all the Armenian Evangelical Churches gathered at Kchag church to listen to Pastor Calvin talk on the importance of leaders in today's' world.

The world is hungry for heroes. People seek guidance at every corner of their lives. That is why it is of utmost importance for leaders to lead lives based on integrity and on the teachings of the Bible.

By ManoChil

(Front to Back, Left to Right):
Pastor Sevag Trashian, Ms. Shake Geocherian
Pastor Datev Basmajian, Mr. Hovig Assilian
Mr. Manoug Ibitian, Mrs. Sirag Karagoezian Basmajian
Mr. Raffi Chilingirian, Mr. Manoug Chilingirian
Mr. Serop Ohanian, Mrs. Jimmy Kozman Ohanian
Rev. Calvin Sagherian

(Left): Rev. Calvin Sagherian
(Right): Rev. Raffi Messerlian (chairman of the Lebanon Chanitz Executive Committee)

Mr. Garbis Deyrmenjian (Chanitz Executive Committee member of Lebanon)