Dr Michael Kinnamon lectures about "Prophetic Witness and People of Faith"

On 30 July, Dr. Michael Kinnamon, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, USA, delivered a lecture entitled "Prophetic Witness and People of Faith" in the Haigazian University Auditorium.
The NCC delegation included its President Archbishop Dr. Vicken Aykazian, the General Secretary, Dr. Kinnamon, and Executive, Middle East and Europe Common Global Ministries Board of the United Church of Christ, Dr. Peter Makari.

The lecture, organized jointly by Haigazian University and the Arab Group for Christian-Muslim Dialogue, was attended by high ranking clergy, diplomats, and interest groups.

For more information, go to Haigazian Univerisity's website.

"I think that Dr. Kinnamon's lecture was interesting and controversial.
Dr. Kinnamon's self evaluation and self criticizism about their lack of vision and not being able to reach to the social needs of the people, which he ascribed to many reasons, some of which were financial, loss of members, and others, showed his courage, transparency and integrity." Raffi