Testimony: Youth Participation in a Theological Seminary

It was a great experience participating in the Theological study, organized by the Fellowship of the Evangelical churches in the Near East.

The director of these studies is the Egyptian Pastor, Rev. Ounsi Anis. His vision and passion is to equip church leaders with sound theological and practical studies in order to have ready and prepared leadership in the church and in ministry.

The participants came from different evangelical churches, from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. The common motivation and purpose of each individual was to acquire sound information in order to pass the good news to the new generation in a decent way!
(In front): Silva Chilingirian (from Marash Church) at the left, Gassia Kelougian (from Ashrafieh Church) the 3rd from the left, and Rev. Ounsi Anis at the right.

All the participants had fully committed themselves to come together for three consecutive years to take the 12 courses and at the end, after hard work, receive their diplomas granted by the Fellowship of the Evangelical churches…

It was both hard and fun. For two weeks, not only the participants were obliged to sit on their desks and listen to the lectures and take notes, but also to do the home-works and study for the exams!

The fun part was the different lahjes (accents) that each participant used. We almost became a big family, around 24 participants!

I'd like to thank the fellowship, which had the vision in bringing together youth from different countries, nationalities and different backgrounds in order to train them and prepare them to become leaders, to serve for the growth of the church and its ministry!

I'd like to specially thank our good shepherd and father, Rev. Ounsi, who with his big smile, loving and caring heart and encouraging words and sometimes with his special remarks supported, directed and guided us through the end of our journey. Indirectly he left a special mark into the heart of every student.

The courses which we took were just a taste for those who had a desire and interest in Theology and Christian education. Some of the participants, in the end, even changed their major to continue their studies at a deeper level, becoming students at NEST or other Theological Seminaries in their country, in order to become full-time ministers or servants such as Pastors or Christian Educators.

This was a special opportunity for me. I noticed a huge change in my character. Not only I gained confidence but also my character was built up! I can evaluate myself and say that God molded me and changed me from a fragile person into a strong, courageous, Godly woman!

I want to encourage you to participate in such conferences for the sake of your spiritual growth and the growth of the Evangelical Churches and hence our community!

Sincerely yours,
Silva Chilingirian

Armenian Evangelical Nor Marash Church
Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon