Chanitz youth volunteer in the building of the new kitchen

On July 19, a group of adventurous volunteers from the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church and Armenian Evangelical Ashrafieh Church went up to Moteverdi to Kchag, the Summer Camp Center, to participate in a building project.
During the whole day, they worked together hand in hand under the scorching sun and had dinner together, only to restart their work until everything was set up for the second phase, the next day.

The working team
Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church: Mr. Hovig Assilian, Mr. Jay Sagherian, Mr. Ara Torkomian, Mr. Manoug Chilingirian, Mr. Koko Aynilian, Mr. Shant Aynilian, Mr. Jano Baghboudarian, Mr. Boghos. Also, Ms. Lisa from USA who volunteered to help, as the only female volunteer.
Armenian Evangelical Ashrafieh Church: Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian (Christian Endeavour Executive Committee member), Mr. Vahe Aynilian (chairman of Kchag Committee), Mr. Sam Keloukian.

Left pic: Sam is working on the first phase
Right pic: Hovig (showing his Aikido skills?) and Jay

Left pic: Shant and Vahe at the back
Right pic: Lisa the only female volunteer!

Left pic: Boghos helping out
Right pic: Hovig and Garbis relocating

Left pic: Shant and Ara, foooooooooooood!