Chanitz dot com in Kchag

While you know that we were in a vacation during the months of July and August, but work never stopped any bit behind the monitor screens. And I actually received an email from Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian (CE Executive member, and a Kchag lover), and suggested that I present about to the public at large, who have not heard of the blog's great success, in being able to connect many different people from Lebanon and outside Lebanon.
I had the opportunity to talk about how initially started in 2006 and expanded to be read and connected to youth, elders, and pastors in USA, Canada, Brazil, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, Argentina, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, England, Sweden, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland,...
One of the stories that was amazing and exciting at the same time was when I received an email from Mr. Garabet Orunoz from Turkey and he must be reading this by now. And he saw our post about Mr. Hrant Guzelian (may his memory be a blessing), and he wanted to send us many other pictures. It was funny that he didn't know any one of the people I knew who lived in Istanbul, Turkey. He didn't know Rev. AghabalOghlu, he didn't know Ms. Ozpenbe, or anyone else. In the end, I was able to get the pictures through the help of Ms. Ani Boujikanian.

Left pic: Ms. Sona Nashian (past principal of Central High School).
Right pic: Mr. Vahe Aynilian and Mr. Avo Sulahian

Left pic: Mrs. Maral Deyrmenjian (present principal of Central High School) and her family and friends.
Right pic: Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian and guests.

Left pic: The Assilian's and friends
Right pic: Mr. John Sagherian, Mr. Hrag Deyrmenjian, Rev. Megerdich Karagoezian (President of UAECNE).

Members from Ashrafieh Church

The Cholakians, Chakmakian, Bchakjian.

The Shanlian's in the right pic

The Demirjians and the Akbasharians

Right pic: Ms. Silva Chilingirian, Mrs. Lena Ekmekjian, Mrs. Maggie Daoud, Mrs. Khacherian.

Left pic: Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian, Mrs. Seta Karagoezian (principal of Torosian)
Right pic: chanitzagans from Marash Church

Badanees and Chanitzagans from the sister churches in Lebanon, Egypt, Greece.

Jebejians and Chilingirians