The 85th anniversary commencement of the Armenian Evangelical College, the first Armenian high school of the post Genocide Armenian Diaspora, was held on July 2, 2008. The commencement took place on the campus of the College in Rue Mexique, Sannayeh in Beirut. Among those present were Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian Chairman of the Central Committee of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East and President of Haigazian University, former Minister Souren Khanamirian, Fathers Mesrob, Mgrditch and Paren Vartanian, Reverends S. Kilaghbian, H. Svadjian, A. Sarkissian, along with civil dignitaries of the community, parents and friends.
Rev. Hagop Sarkissian pastor of the Armenian Evangelical First Church read from the Bible and prayed, then the guest speaker Prof. Sossy Balian (RN), gave an address to the public and graduates. After a recitation by Elem. VI students, and performance of the Vocal Ensemble of the school, the valedictorians of the graduating class, Natalie Kalayjian and Shantal Arabsessian, respectively in Armenian and Arabic speeches, thanked the school. Later both were awarded the Examplary Student medal.
The speeches were followed by the distribution of prizes and diplomas. Then the principal, Dr. Zaven Messerlian, gave the address to the graduating class.
The commencement ended with the closing words and blessing of Rev. H. Sarkissian.

The high school graduates were: Arabsessian Shantal (distinction), Artinian Harout, Boyadjian Nareg, Cheorekjian Sevan, Frounjian Carla, Kalayjian Natalie (distinction), Keshishian Tsoler, Piranian Lori.

The elementary graduates were: Baghdoyan Meghri (high distinction), Dekirmenjian Jennifer, Demirjian Araz (high distinction), Hovhannesian Berj, Sarkissian Patil, Shahinian Christine, Svadjian Nazani.