Take your family and friends to KCHAG!

Kchag Cafe kick-started this year already, with their new committee working hard to make Kchag the place for all to come together and enjoy their summer time.

Every Sunday, starting from 6:00 pm, the Kchag Cafe is open for all!

The new committee has come up with a plan to build a new canteen, and they've achieved it. More will be written about it in the coming posts.

Everyone: youngsters, elders, families, singles, chanitz, badaniatz, ladies and friends are invited to go up to kchag, where you will have a time of relaxation, fellowship, at the same time enjoying the cool weather and breeze during the night.

There will be food served and music played. There will also be special program that will be announced as planned.

Oh, and ping-pong fans, don't forget to come prepared :)

Below are some pictures from Kchag in different occasions.