Torosian’s KG Graduation

Friday June 13, 2008 wrapped up the academic year for the Armenian Evangelical Torosian Kindergarten classes.
It was God’s grace that guided us and led us through out this year which was full of insecurities and uncertainties until we reached the appointed date for the end-of-year graduation ceremony.
17 students graduated from KGII in an enchanting performance which included 3 different dances from every KG class, choreographed by their teachers, songs in different languages, Armenian, Arabic and English, with the accompaniment of the Piano, Mrs. Negdar Palazian and an interesting play presented by a dialogue and directed by Mr. Robert Arakelian.
The graduates expressed their wishes of what to become when they grow up in a DVD recording.
The commencement ended by principal, Mrs Seta Karageozian’s encouraging word and Rev. Hovhanness Sevadjian’s blessing player.
We thank our Lord for His endless love and care and ask Him for His presence in the coming years and in many more to come Torosian commencements.