Mothers’ Day Brunch at Torossian School

In uncertain days, with God’s blessing, our Torossian held its Mothers’ Day Brunch on Tuesday May 6th 2008. This year was a little different since the brunch was not held in Torossian campus; we enjoyed it in George Farah Restaurant, Fanar. We were blessed with the presence of 110 ladies, and a joyful program. The opening statement was made by Mrs. Seta Karageozian followed by a prayer lifted up by Mrs. Vera Sevadjian. The guest speaker was Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian and her topic was a grace to the listeners’ ears. She shed a light on the Mother-child relationship. Two poems were recited in Armenian by a Torossian graduate, Mrs. Silva Zobian, and there was the food, lottery and a game. All in all, the mood was fun and jolly. We thank our Lord in Heavens for caring so much for us as to bless us with such times of joy and sharing.

Torossian School