I can't really grasp the power and effect of individualism on the American community in general and the Christian community in specific. Here in the Middle East, Lebanon, being part of the community plays a great role in people's lives and even more in the lives of ethnic minorities.

If you see a stranded motorist on the freeway, total strangers would come along and help out without even being asked. Now, that's truly a great blessing to still have here. Americans think the East and Middle Easterners are "friendly-freaks" that they open up their houses to strangers and have dinner with them without social barriers.

However, people in the east want to be more like the west since they think their individual identities are being assimilated, while westerners think the east is blessed to be living in a community as theirs.

During the 2006 July War, two Christians visited bombed villages in the South to support them materially. They came to one house which was hit badly by Israeli bombs and asked the dwellers - who had refused to leave their home - how they could lend a helping hand. The man's reply was this: "I just want you two to come inside and drink coffee with me."

They headed to the village to be a blessing to others. Instead they left the village being blessed themselves.