Summer Vacation for

Blogging and administering the regular release of the newsletter of has been fun, exciting, and rewarding at the same time. We’ve had specific purposes for this blog, many of which we were able to achieve, through the joint efforts of many supporters.

We would like to thank
our sponsors, whom we consider our partners in ministry. We consider them our partners because most of them saw the need, saw the vision and shared it with us, and supported us morally and financially.

Here, I would like to tell you the story of one of our partners, who cheered our efforts but who also exhorted us to prepare ourselves well for what's coming.
I praphrase: "You will be faced with various obstacles and tough decisions. But don’t forget that the One who gave you this vision will not depart you. There will come many who will put different motives into your actions and initiatives, but stay firm in God's direction."

Losing our focus, we did not. And as we worked more and put further effort into this project, namely,, we saw the need for more regular time and effort needed in order to keep it up and running. The more we gave ourselves up for this ministry, the more it soaked up our energies like a sponge, and the faster the website grew and matured.

As months went by, we came to realize that has the potential to become a bigger project and to grow more. And seeing this potential, we know that this can be achieved only through the joint efforts of dedicated people.

Now, it's Summer time, and we are all tired and in dire need of vacation, the reason why I will announce here that will take a break starting from the month of July till August and perhaps September, only to return to you with renewed efforts, new news, new ideas, new pictures, new articles, new games and surprises.

Enjoy your Summer and the Camps,
and enjoy your time with God :)

Cheers!, admin