A great retreat in Mount Smash, Ajaltoun

On April 26 and 27, the Emmanuel Church junior youth spent two awesome days in Mount Smash, in Ajaltoun area. On Saturday morning, 35 youth and 6 leaders had already packed up their bags, ready and present in Emmanuel Church to head to our destination at 9:30 am.

Almost everyone was excited. We arrived safely, and we had lots of fun time.

Raffi led the worship time after which our speaker, the wife of our pastor, Mrs. Vera Svajian talked to the youth about their parents and their relationship with them. She gave very real, practical and every-day examples, to which the youth identified very closely.
Later on, we discussed the issues between parents and youth further in our 5 discussion groups.

The fun part was never missing. The youth had plenty of hours to swim in the pool and to steam up in the sauna. Moreover, another interesting, and fun part, was during the night game session that we had. Raffi led the night game session and we played "Who am I?" for the first time. The youth got really excited and were so much into the game that some even protested on the idea of being "slaves" to their new "master". In the end Areni Svajian won and she became the "master" of all.

Jimmy had brought with her the movie, "Liar, Liar", that we watched and had our movie night in the salon. While watching, Hagop and Manoug took their time serving popcorn.

The next day, on Sunday, the youth spent time alone with God and tried to see what God had to tell them through the devotion that Jimmy had prepared. Later, we had time to walk in nature and admire the beauty that God had created.

Hagop Gojigian led the worship time and he provided the opportunity to the youth to submit their lives to Christ and to follow him. A number of youth decided to follow Christ and to live for Him. We are now praying for them, knowing very well that their path will be filled with temptations and struggles, however, we also believe that God is good and He will not allow them to be tempted beyond what they can bear.

The time to return back to Emmanuel Church was almost here. We wanted to stay, however, we knew that we had to get back to our families and to our community to live the life for Christ, with Whom we can live our lives stronger, even though the path will not be smooth and easy.

We are very grateful to God for allowing us to have a great retreat, through His servants and those who love the youth. We would like to thank Mr. Serop Ohanian, who helped us in finding funds for our annual retreat, and rode part of the group back to church.