General Knowledge Contest on the Book of Acts

The General Knowledge Contest event, that has become an annual event, took place on Saturday 10 May, 2008. Despite the alarming situation, almost everyone came to church, where the contest among 5 groups were to take place.
They were:

Junior Youth
(M. Hagopian, J. Kozman-Ohanian, M. Ibitian, H. Gojigian, R. Chilingirian),
Youth (S. Ohanian, S. Demirjian, A. Kazezian, M. Jertidian),
Sunday School
(A. Kazezian, M. Chilingirian, A. Torkomian, A. Tahazian),

(digin Ani, digin Sossy, oriort Shake, digin Bakalian),

(Mr. S. Svajian, Mr. A. Churukian, Mrs. A. Mazmanian, Mr. G. Aroyan),
and this year the new thing was the coming together of a new group to form the Free Group (Ms. M. Markarian, Ms. A. Markarian, Ms. S. Boyajian, Ms. V. Kalousdian, Mr. H. Avedanian).

The pastor Rev. H. Svajian opened the contest and after presenting the jury (Ms. V. Balkjian and Ms. A. Baboghlanian) and the host (Ms. Sh. Geocherian), the clock started ticking and the questions starting pouring, and the teams started to feel the adrenalin.
It was a heated and very close competition, specially between the Youth and Ladies teams for the 1st and 2nd place, and between the Junior Youth and Free Group for the 3rd and 4th place. In the end, the Chanitz Youth team snatched the first place, and they deserved the victory, since they were able to answer almost all the questions.