In gratitude to Mr. Mihran Jizmejian

Dear Mr. Jizmejian,

Thank you for your act of appreciation and encouragement. The EQUIP training program in Harissa was definitely a blessing to all of us who participated for the purpose of becoming mature leaders. Thank you for your book. It will surely benefit all of us who want to serve the Lord as leaders.

Anita Andonian

Dear Mr., Jizmejian,

It is very encouraging to see that there are people overseas who do care for our spiritual and leadership development.

It is very surprising and encouraging to me that not only have you followed up our news from our humble website (blog) but also you have decided to send us a gift that will encourage our development further and further.

Thank you for this wonderful gesture, it is good to be surrounded by proactive leaders in our large community.

Serop Ohanian and Jimmy Kozman-Ohanian

A great endeavor indeed Mr. Jizmejian.

I deeply appreciate your recent undertaking to strengthen the spiritual lives of the Armenian leaders of Lebanon.

Thank you in advance,

Dear Mr.Mihran Jizmejian,

It was nice to read your encouraging words! We are thankful...i want to thank you for the gift "your book", and I'm eager to read it! Blessings from the bottom of my heart.

Silva Chilingirian

Mr. Mihran Jizmejian
Thank you very much for following up our news here in the Middle East, and thank you very much for the generous gesture of giving out a copy of your book... i hope and pray that we and the ministry here would be blessed through your book and such gestures.
thanks again

Rev. Datev Basmajian (Damascus)

Dear Mr. Jizmejian,

It was a pleasure to read your encouraging words and for your gift which you are going to send.
Thank you and God bless you.
I am sure we would love reading the book and discussing it together .
God bless you

Shake` Geotcherian

Standing at the back (left to right): Anita, Silva, Raffi, Tom Atema, Jimmy, Serop, Rev. Datev.
Standing in the front (left to right): Mano, Shake