Leadership Training in Emmanuel Church

On Sunday, 17 February, 2008, 16 leaders involved in the church ministry with kids, junior youth and youth, were present in Emmanuel Church to participate in the seminar that the Christian Education Committee of the Emmanuel Church had organized.

The seminar started with FOOD, after which the leaders gathered in the church for a worship time led by Mr. M. Chilingirian and Ms. V. Balkjian sharing her reflection. Afterwards, it was time for the leaders to play some games, that Mr. M. Ibitian had prepared.

After the games and action, it was time for hearing the lectures.
Ms. G. Vartan presented about Self-esteem and Ms. Th. Sagherian presented about Constructive Criticism.
The leaders were involved in the lectures and they shared, participated and asked questions to the extent that the time for the seminar was extended for an hour. The seminar started at 1pm and lasted till 6pm!