Keeping our spirits high and trying not to lose our hope

Despite the difficult times and circumstances that Lebanon is going through, the youth have come to realize that they have two choices, they can either lose hope, or decide to keep their hope in the Lord, who will never leave the youth alone through these turbulences.

It is a fact that the prices have very much increased, and the youth and university students are obliged to find work, any kind of work, in order to pay for their tuition. Many are running from one job to another and studying during the weekends, in order to try to graduate and find a decent job, and at the same time stay active in their churches.
These issues are new ones that the young men and women face, who used to volunteer in churches, in social work and DVBS. Today, we cannot blame them when they leave their volunteer work because of a new job opportunity that they have found. Also, we pray that they will participate in the summer camps that will take place, despite the difficult situation.

We pray that God would help us during this difficult period and to help us keep our hope and faith in Him, and only in HIM, who will come to our aid.