Elias finishes his term, and a visitor from Germany

Elias Jabbour, a graduating student at the NEST (Near East School of Theology) was assigned for the academic year of 2007-2008 to serve for 4 months with Rev. Hovannes Svajian at the pulpit of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church.
Elias will soon graduate this year with MDiv (Masters in Divinity). He is also a talented musician who plays the piano and the drums and composes beautiful music. Throughout his life, he has served in many church ministries, both in Syria and Lebanon. He is of Syriac origin and speaks very fluent Arabic, English and Armenian.
During a Sunday, we also had a very pleasant visitor with Elias, a theology student from Bonn, Germany. She is visiting Lebanon since 2007 and will stay here till Spring 2008. Ulrike, or Uli, as she likes to be called, enrolled as a student at the NEST, to learn the Arabic language and learn more about the Islamic religion.
At Emmanuel Church, she had the opportunity to visit the Sunday School classrooms, engage with the people and take part in worship, together with Armenian Lebanese families.
Uli was very surprised that she knew the music of the worship songs that were sung in Armenian. She could identify with many of the similarities found between the Armenian Evangelical Church and her Lutheran church back in Germany. Most of all, she was amazed at the cultural diversity and wealth packed in such a small country called Lebanon.