Counseling in Torosian School?

The Armenian Evangelical Peter & Elizabeth Torosian School was founded in 1951 in Amanos area, which is located east of Beirut City. It started with kindergarten classes that developed into an Intermediate School by 1973. Rev. Yenovk Hadidian was the key person in the founding of this school and Mr. Augustin Badeer was another committed Evangelical who supported the growing steps of the school until it got the present three-floor building in 1981.

Torosian is a neighborhood school. Most of the students live a walking distance from school.

The school implements the Lebanese Government Curriculum in Kindergarten, Elementary and Intermediate levels.

The school's mission is to educate the Armenian new generation with Christian, Armenian, sound and decent education.
The present principal is Mrs. Seta Karagoezian.
Torosian today is the only school with a full time counselor, among all the other Armenian schools in Lebanon.