CHS Principal Visits the US

The School’s Principal was invited by the US Alumni Association to go to Los Angeles to participate in a fund-raising dinner organized for the School.
On February 22, 2008, 145 alumni gathered in the Phoenician Restaurant (a very suiting name for the School’s location…) in Glendale ; the banquet started by a welcoming word cited by the Association’s chairperson, Mrs. Armine Der Garabedian, she presented the Principal and invited her to share her message with the invitee.
Mrs. Deyirmenjian thanked the Alumni Association for its committed dedication in helping the School, then she presented a 12-minute DVD which described the School’s rich heritage, its daily life, and the challenges it is facing at present. She then proceeded, with the aid of a power point presentation, to share some of the good news about the School, as well as, some of the financial challenges.
Mrs. DerGarabedian thanked the Principal and handed her two cheques for the School. The evening went on with some musical entertainment and socialization.
The Alumni Association had chosen Mr. Hagop Hagopian as the Alumnus of the year in recognition of his long years of dedicated service in the educational field. He was handed a recognition award and a plaque presenting the map of Armenia.
It was a very pleasant occasion; having all the alumni come together and express their concern and love for the School; it was also a wonderful chance to renew their commitment in extending a helping hand to its alma mater.