Chanitz Sunday

Sunday, 17 February, 2008 was Chanitz (Christian Endeavor) Sunday. The youth led the Church service.
The chairman, Mr. S. Ohanian, led the worship and Mr. S. Demirjian gave the sermon, while Mr. A. Karagoezian led the prayer time.
Mr. H. Gojikian and Mr. A. Torkomian collected the gifts from the church. Ms. A. Kazezian read a report about Chanitz, while Ms. S. Boyajian read a report about Badaniatz.

During the service, two young men and a young woman passed from Badaniatz to Chanitz. They are: Mr. B. Malian, Mr. H. Aintablian and Ms. Dz. Demirjian. The pastor, Rev. H. Svajian prayed for them during the service, and congratulated their passage from Badaniatz ranks to Chanitz.