WoW! It actually SNOWED in Kchag!

Has it ever snowed in Kchag? Does anyone remember if it has ever snowed there?
I hope I can get answers from our readers who have many sweet, great, awesome, adventurous, and amazing memories and experiences from Kchag.
Kchag, which has a special place in the hearts and minds of many of our readers, some of whom grew up there, and others came to know Christ there, and still others sacrificed their time and even their lives during their ministry, believing in what God has put in their hearts.

Well, the pictures speak for themselves :)

For more information about Kchag, go to:

* We received the pictures from Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian.

Updated (5 February): We came to understand from Rev. Vicken Cholakian who serves in Greece, that it has snowed in Kchag before and that he had seen the picture somewhere.
We would be happy to get the picture, and place it near the ones above.