Students For Life...

Finally! After 4 years of dedication, discipline and commitment, we’ve finally arrived. We’ve completed the Leadership Training called EQUIP.

Though the training comprised 15 members at first, only 8 of us got to see the graduation day in the end. Through our intense discussions, different perspectives, sharing from our life stories and experiences, and even arguing against some ideas written by the author, each one of us grew deeper in our faith and understanding of the meaning of leadership.

John Maxwell, the visionary of this magnificent program, saw the need to train leaders based on solid Biblical truth and conviction. He realized that there was great decline in the number of world leaders whose life philosophy was founded upon the principles of the Scriptures.

There were many topics and issues raised within the six books. Some of these topics were the following:
• How to lead different personalities
• How leaders should pray
• How to identify your spiritual gifts
• Communication
• Leading in difficult times
• How to work in a group

This is the first class to graduate from the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church, Amanos. Oh, wait! Shakeh just informed us that there’s a 7th book on its way.

I guess the saying is true after all: “Leaders will always stay students for life.”