Chanitz Annual Banquet

Dear Chanitsagans and friends of Chanits,

You are most cordially invited to the annual Chanits luncheon, which is being held this year on Saturday, March 1, 2008, at the Hassesian Hall of the Nor Marash Church.

It is deemed that your presence is the one of the important aspects of this event. So, for the first time in the luncheon’s history, it is decided to have it on a Saturday night! Reserve your ticket from your church secretaries or from your varchoutyouns.

As we celebrate February as the Chanits month, let’s make it happen: let’s defeat the gloom of our Lebanese days and come together in big numbers to renew the hopes and trust that our churches have in us.

* The event is organized by Kordzatir Marmin of all the Chanits and Badaniats of Ashrafieh, Marash, Anjar, Emmanuel, Kaghak and Trad Social Center.

Special prices for chanitsagans!!!!!

The Kordzatir Committee members:
Rev. R. Missirlian (Chairman) from Anjar Church

Mr. G. Deyirmenjian (member) from Ashrafieh Church

Mr. A. Missirlian (member) from Marash Church

Mrs. A. Andonian (member) from Marash Church

Ms. H. Barsoumian (member) from Emmanuel Church

Ms. V. Balkjian (secretary) from Emmanuel Church

Mr. R. Chilingirian (treasurer) from Emmanuel Church