Letters and Messages

In 2007, we "enlarged the space of our tent" (Isaiah 54:2a), and endeavored to cover events of Emmanuel Church activities, also concerts and plays and events of Torosian School, Executive Committee of Endeavor Union, ARMISS choir, Bible Society. We also started posting about Chanaser, Tertig, AEEC Lradou, Armenian Evangelical Church, Haigazian University, AMAA, NEST. We also wrote posts and showed videos about Hrant Dink, Hrant Guzelian, Rev. Krikor AghabalOghlu, EMI group, internet and its positive and negative effects, and reposted writings from Hrayr Jebejian and reflections of friends and members in Armenian Evangelical Churches worldwide. At the end of the year of 2007, we also started conducting interviews, recording, and uploading them online.

Below, we have gathered the latest letters that we received from many different friends found in various countries.

Lara Cholakian Khoury (USA) - "Great work all of you, it is a great website!"

Rev. Nerses and Sevan Balabanian (USA) - "Great Job. We thank God that Armis did continue its musical mission. Go ahead Armis, sing while Lebanon is in pain. Go ahead Armis sing and bring joy to the hearts of the Lebanese people. I wish we were with you."

Also, "Hi everyone! I check the website regularly. It keeps me in touch with my dear Amanos brothers and sisters. I appreciate how the website is expanding. Congratulations! God bless you."

Garabed Orunöz (Turkey) - found our website and requested to stay in communication with us. He provided us with the pictures of Badanegan Doun (Camp Armen) that Baron Hrant Guzelyan founded.

Khoren Pilibossian (Canada) - "Bravo very good job. May God bless you and make you a blessing."

Loukianos (Greece?) - "your blog is cool!"

Cynthia Tovmassian-Ezajian (Australia) - greeted all the Chanitzagans through our blog and congratulated us for this great website!

Dr. Gevork Kherlopian (USA) - "Thank you for the encouraging information that strengthens our spiritual, cultural and national ties. The more I read your Newsletter the stronger becomes my feeling of belonging. On the eve of New Year I carried a serious surgery with great success. Thank you to all who prayed for me. Thanks God. Praise the Lord. Now I can work more efficiently. God bless you all. Shnorhavor Nor Tari yev Sourp Dsnund."

Juan (Uruguay) - this blog played the role of mediator between Dr. Gevork Kherlopian and Juan.

Rev. Sebouh Terzian (Lebanon) - provided us with his own suggestions and encouraged us.

Magie Daoud (World Vision for Armenians in Lebanon) - said that the work is excellent, and that what we are doing is quality work.

Mariam Mnatsakanyan (Armenia) - is happy to receive our newsletter.

Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian (Lebanon) - appreciated the work and time spent, and provided us her suggestions.

Serge Loussinian (USA) - remembered a lot of memories from Kchag. And about our website/blog he said, "It looks like a lot of peoples endless dedication and effort."

Sylva Djamdjamina-Loussinian (USA) - provided us with Torosian Alumni pictures and liked receiving our newsletter.

Andranik Mardoyan (Armenia) - responded quickly and dearly to our request.

Hrayr Jebejian (Cyprus) - told that the idea of this blog is very good.

Taline Keldjian (USA) - was amazed at what technology can do and she appreciated the communication.

Searan Salibian (USA) - allowed us to use some of her writings and reflections.

Shushan Artinian (Lebanon) - saw our blog and found it very impressive!

Nilva (Lebanon) - found this website and liked it!

Gassia Mouradian (USA) - is happy to receive our newsletter and thinks that the website idea is great!

Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian (President of HU) - appreciated our work and whenever we requested to have Baron Hrant Guzelyan's movie, he quickly responded.

Rev. Hendrik Shanazari (USA) - "I wanted to thank and encourage you for this very interesting and well prepared news letter, before, but... sorry for not doing it earlier. This is a great job and very precious for someone like me who has lots of friends there and is interested in the life and activities there. May our Lord bless you richly!"

Ara Ashjian (Iraq) - "I see many articles with nice photos and descriptions... keep up the good work."

Mayda Manoyan (USA) - helped us to get the names of Torosian School's Alumni members.

Mary Mikhael (president of NEST) - quickly and gladly responded to our proposal.

Garbis Deyirmenjian (Lebanon) - "I visited the Emmanuel site few times and I think it’s great, I feel it is alive when I read it."

Setrag Khoshafian (USA) - thanked us for the post and links to http://www.bashde.org/

Pakrad Balabanian (Syria) - contacted us for information.

Mihran Jizmejian (Canada) - was pleasantly surprised to find so many interesting items in our website, which sent him back on the memory lane to the years 1974-76 when he served the P.E. Torossian school as the principal.

Armenian Evangelical Church of Arnouville (France) - contacted us and provided us with their website address (http://hisous.org/), and with their newly-built church-building pictures.

"Badveli Sarkis BAROUDJIAN-i yev ir kordzaguitsnerou goghme chenorhavor nor dari yev sourp dzenount."

Anahid Artinian Jamgotchian (Saudi Arabia) - "keep up the good work"

Note: Those who want to keep their emails confidential, please send us a quick email, and we'll try to quickly comply.