Last Week of the Year 2007, Worship Gatherings

The end of year worships took place from 24 to 28 December, 2007, at 7:00 pm. The various Church ministry groups took part in the worship services.
  • On Monday, Chanitz. Ms. Sh. Geocherian gave the message (Who is Your President?). Mr. H. Demirjian and Mr. S. Ohanian led the worship songs, and Mr. H. Gojigian read from the Bible.
  • On Tuesday, Sunday School. Ms. V. Balekjian gave the message (Promise). Mr. M. Chilingirian led the worship songs, Ms. R. Kalfayan and Ms. A. Kazezian read from selected verses interchangeably, Ms. A. Tahazian read from the Bible.
  • On Wednesday, Badaniatz. Mr. M. Ibitian gave the message (Out of the Box). Mr. R. Chilingirian led the worship songs, Mr. M. Hagopian read from the Bible, and Mr. H. Gojigian prayed.
  • On Thursday, Ladies. Mrs. V. Sevajian gave the message (Take into Account). Ms. A. Baboghlanian led the worship songs.
  • On Friday, our pastor Rev. H. Sevajian gave the message (This Year Also Ended). Afterwards, in four different groups, the church shared and prayed with each other, after which, there was fellowship time with tea.

Mr. A. Karagoezian, Ms. Z. Bedrossian, and Mr. A. Torkomian played the piano.