Chanitzagans Spreading the Good News

On Jan. 5, at night, the Chanitzagans, our pastor and his wife went out to deliver the Good News that Jesus Christ is born, and to celebrate it with our surrounding community and the community away from the church and those who cannot come to church and have to attend to the bed.

Into 3 groups we divided, starting at 9:00 pm, and we lasted till 3:00 pm. We delivered to each and every house a special gift, a Cross, written on it the Lord's Prayer in Krapar Armenian and we sang Christmas carols to the families and with the families. At the end of the carolings, the pastor and his wife invited us to their house, where dinner/breakfast awaited us.

Chrisdos Dznav yev Haydnetzav... Tzezi Mezi Medz Avedis