We appreciate your support

I would like to write this post to show my gratitude to friends who have been supportive in our endeavor and encouraged us to keep this website updated and alive.
  • Rev. Hovannes Sevajian (our pastor), has been one of the very early supporters, and recently took the initiative to edit the blog's Armenian posts.
  • Mr. Hrayr Jebejian (Bible Society Gulf), is very appreciative of our enthusiasm and hard work, adding that we are doing a very good job in keeping the communication lively.
  • Mr. Hrant Guzelian (the hero who passed away recently in France), was very quick in responding to our emails and encouraged us dearly to continue in our endeavor.
  • Ms. Nora Parseghian (Aztag editor), is supportive, and has encouraged communication and participation in Aztag. She has also encouraged us to be more accurate in using our language.
  • Mrs. Rita (Lao) Manjelikian (Social Worker of the Armenian Evangelical Social Center, Lebanon), is very supportive of what we're doing through this blog and is a strong believer in the work.
  • Rev. Nshan Bakalian (Armenian Evangelical Church, Philadelphia, USA), is still supportive, gives us feedback regarding the website's accessibility and usability.
  • Mrs. Maria Bakalian (Rev. Bakalian's wife), encouraged us and pushed us to write better and suggested corrections and changes wherever needed.
  • Rev. Raffi Messerlian (Armenian Evangelical Church, Anjar, Lebanon), supports our team and has been very quick in sending us a letter of encouragement.
  • Rev. Calvin Sagherian (Armenian Bretheren Church, California, USA), from the moment we told him about the launch of the youth website, he sent us an encouraging letter, and still supports the youth here.
  • Mrs. Maral Haidostian (wife of the president of Haigazian University), supports us with her kind words and smile, whenever she gets the opportunity.
  • Rev. Vahan Tootikian (Executive Director of Armenian Evangelical World Council), never hesitated to give us from his valuable time and always replies back.
  • Rev. Nerses Balabanian (Armenian Evangelical Calvary Church, San Francisco, USA), helps us morally and practically. Whenever we are in need of him, he is always ready.
  • Pastor Datev Basmajian (Armenian Evangelical Church, Damascus, Syria), is supportive of our work and the hours spent in keeping up this website.
  • Pastor Sevag Trashian (Armenian Evangelical Churches, Kessab, Syria), whenever we ask for his help, he's ready.
  • Pastor Sebouh Terzian (CEO UAECNE, Lebanon), is supportive of our work.
We are also appreciative of the many encouraging comments that we received and still do receive from many people from different sectors of the Lebanese community, from different groups, clubs and individuals within our Armenian community here in Lebanon and abroad.

I also do not want to forget the chanitzagans, most of whom were supportive. And also, to all the youth, pastors, preachers, church members and friends of Chanitz who kept their subscriptions.

Update (Nov. 8): Just recently, we also received an encouraging letter from Rev. Mgrdich Melkonian, the pastor of First Armenian Presbyterian Church, Fresno. Also, from Rev. Aren Balabanian, the associate pastor of the same church.