The internet is the tool of the next generation... Let's be there!

Here's what Jonathan Spangenberg at Armenian TIMES says:
Our Diaspora communities are afraid of assimilation. The structures of most of our organizations and associations are mostly centralized organs of semi function. Our brains seem to be dogmatic with concepts of the past! Our methodology of work is far from today’s reality. Fear, confusion and mistrust for something new have paralyzed our growth!
He continues:
Timing and teamwork are the key words to survive as a collective in the era of networks.
I would like to say that online media is still not taken seriously, and many do fear, specially the older generation, fearing that the control will not be in their hands anymore and things may go out of hands and into chaos. However, this is not the reality. The youth are the future, and many have proven that they are loyal and visionary.

Jonathan talks about the older generation:
Our older generation often asks “where is the new generation”? “We hardly see any at community events or community centres?” Well, my answer to the older generation would simply be look once at “facebook”, “myspace”, “linkedin” or any other platform of communication and social or professional networking. The new generation has already started to find its ways of communicating, discussing, getting organised and working in realities of the present. Unfortunately, our organizations and institutions on the face of it have not understood the power of such international networks and platforms.
Our Diaspora and the Armenian reality as a whole will and has to turn into a modern network which is professional, resourceful and knowledge oriented.
Our communication, cooperation and networking in virtual systems and real life will bring us closer together than ever before.
Embracing anything new has been slow, throughout the ages. However, it is also quite interesting to see managers, CEOs, editors, academicians, principals, professors, and even our own pastors and priest in Facebook. This should mean something; that the generation which did not grow up with computers is not indifferent to the benefits of this technology in general and the internet in specific.