How to write a comment to a specific post/article/author

Most of the readers are new to blogging and to the idea of leaving comments. So, I took the initiative to tell you how simple it is to add a comment, a suggestion, or an encouraging word, which others can see and also respond to. This is the beauty of this website; it encourages the idea of community, communication, and participation among all the readers. It serves like the "Letter to the Editor" or "Response to a specific Article" section, found on most of the known magazines.

So, here goes:

1- Under each post/article you have one of these boxes, like the image you see on the right. Click on "comments", and a page will open up.

2- This page is similar to the image that you see on the
right. Write what you want to write in the box.

3- Beneath the box, there are letters. Write these letters in the "Word Verification" box.

4- Choose "Nickname" instead of "Google/Blogger" or "Anonymous". Choosing "Nickname" will save you from inserting username and password. And since most of the readers do not have gmail or blogger account, choosing "Nickname" is the easiest and best option.

5- Write your name (although this is optional).

6- Click on "Publish Your Comment".

7- You will see on the top of the same page of commenting box a message, telling you either that your comment was added or was not. Most of the time, in case of problems, it's the "Word Verification" that you need to write again for security reasons.

That's it!

Try it :) Just for the fun of it, write a letter to this post, write a message or just the word "trial" would be fine too, just for the fun of it :)