Church Banquet (Տարեկան Ճաշկերոյթ)

Sunday, Nov. 26, the Khnamagal Body of the church organized its annual banquet, that took place within the the church premises, starting at 1:00 pm till 3:15 pm.

See the pics in the slideshow below, or by clicking here if you can't see

All the groups of the church participated in this event, the ladies prepared the food, the Badaniatz and Chanitz members prepared the place, put up the table, distributed the dishes and took part in the program with sketches, and songs, the Sunday School members presented their prayers, Maral Khoshafian played on the piano, also baron Varouj, Panos Mamigonian and Garouj Aroyan took part. Dr. Avo Chakmakian led the program, the Khnamagal members made sure that everything was ready, and the pastor, Rev. Hovannes, had already brought all these teams and members together to make sure that every thing went smoothly.

Chanitz members who took part in the program: Hagop G., Raffi, Mano, Hovsep, Jano. Those who helped: Lisa, Hagop H., Hagop K., Mike, Hovig, Garo, Ara, Sam.