Badkamavoragan Joghov in Emmanuel Church

On Nov. 3, 2007, the Badkamavoragan Joghov (Representative's Meeting) was held in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church in Lebanon.
This meeting is held annually, where different Chanitz (youth) and Badaniatz (junior youth) representatives from Syria and Lebanon come together.

The following representatives were present from Lebanon:
  • Ms. A. Khederian, Nor Marash Church Youth
  • Mr. N. Karavartanian, Nor Marash Church Youth
  • Ms. T. Geukgeuzian, Nor Marash Church Junior Youth
  • Ms. P. Keoseyan, Anjar Church Youth
  • Ms. N. Shanlian, Ashrafieh Church Youth
  • Ms. P. Kilaghbian, Ashrafieh Church Youth
  • Ms. N. Kelenjian, Ashrafieh Church Junior Youth
  • Mr. Z. Manjelikian, Trad Junior Youth
  • Ms. K. Parseghian, Emmanuel Church Youth
  • Mr. H. Gojikian, Emmanuel Church Junior Youth
  • Mr. A. Kojadelian, First Church Youth
  • Rev. R. Messerlian, UAECNE Central Committee
  • Ms. R. Cholakian, Kchag Committee
The members of the Executive Body of Lebanon were: Rev. R. Messerlian, Mr. R. Chilingirian, Mr. S. Ohanian (finishes his term), Mr. V. Khederian (finishes his term), Ms. H. Barsoumian, Ms. V. Balekjian (absent), Ms. G. Kelougian (absent).

The following representatives were present from Syria:
  • Ms. S. Chirishian, Petel Church Youth
  • Mr. S. Kahkejian, Nahadagatz Church Youth
  • Ms. A. Aynilian, United Junior Youth Group
  • Ms. H. Torosian, United Junior Youth Group
  • Ms. S. Kilaghbian, Kessab and surrounding Church Youth
  • Mr. S. Der Sahagian, Kessab and surrounding Church Junior Youth
  • Rev. D. Basmajian, pastor of Damascus Church (present as guest)
The members of the Executive Body of Syria were: Rev. V. Ekmekjian, Mr. A. Aynilian (finishes his term), Mr. H. Bardakjian, Ms. S. Chirishian, Ms. H. Apartian (absent).

Each member presented about their group, discussed their issues and problems, each gave their solutions and suggestions. Kchag Summer Camp was discussed, as well as the treasury of each Body; also the future of kchag and the eMi plan.

The following new members were elected:
  • Mr. G. Deyirmenjian (Ashrafieh Church, Lebanon)
  • Ms. A. Andonian (Marash Church, Lebanon)
  • Mr. A. Messerlian (Marash Church, Lebanon)
  • Pastor S. Trashian (Kessab Chucrhes and region, Syria)
  • Dr. Tz. Basmajian (Nahadagatz Church, Syria)