Facebook has a bad side? Nooooo! No way!

You all know that the buzz word on the internet today is "Facebook", to the extent that recently, while talking to a priest, he told me the following: "You know Raffi, I've been hearing a lot of my youth talking about Facebook, and I didn't know what they were talking about. So, I went and searched about it and I even created my own account, so that I can relate to my youth and understand their world better."

We are seeing students and teachers, universities and companies, even professors are creating their own Facebook.

Friends who have never seen each other, or had lost contact to each other, are being able to get in touch through Facebook! Many groups, even companies and organizations are creating their own group on Facebook. I know one group which is very active and has a lot of discussions going on in their group, that even new ideas and decisions are being taken online.

What about you? What do you think about Facebook? What features do you like best? Does Facebook have any bad side? C'mon, everyone has both positive and negative side :)